1. During the first week, start with facial massage because you won't be able to move any muscle on the affected side. I found this video very helpful, follow her massage techniques:

2. Also massage the intraoral buccal area

3. You can do the intraoral massage everywhere using your tongue

4. Gently raise eyebrows, help the movement with your fingers

5. Draw your eyebrows together, help the movement with your fingers

6. Try and gently press the eye lids together

7. Wrinkle up your nose

8. Show your teeths like a horse does

9. Try to give a kiss and whistle

10. Try to smile and use your fingers to help. Once in position take your fingers away and see if you can hold that smile

11. Try to keep the air in your mouth

12. Narrow eyes as if looking into the sun

13. Finish exercises with a face massage